Barfivala High School

Sheth Chunilal Damodardas Barfivala High School

“ Ask not for an easy life. Ask for the strength to face the Elements.

to weather the storms : To be the might for the right and the weak,

to  be the voice for those who cannot speak,

to see one’s dreams  to fruition with dignity, integrity and grace.”

It gives me great joy to offer my whole – hearted admiration towards the school on the occasion of fifty-fifth Year.

We have many things to thank God for : we have had very good results in the past, as our students have proved their credentials in life.  We always received enormous co-operation from the parents in bringing up the level  of the school to its heights.  God inter-personal relations between the teachers  and students, teachers and parents, staff and administration has been a positive approach towards creating a strong institution.  Our institution always look up for innovative approaches and multi – tasking opportunities for the mental and physical growth of its students.

Education has proved to be a strong weapon in transforming the weakness of our innerself into positive tools of success.  As it is rightly stated that “ The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Remember that work is the key to success, and hardwork can help to you accomplish anything  and everything in life.

Our co-ordination with in neighbouring  schools has always been an enlightening experience and serves as a guidance to work at par with each other forever.  As a Principal my reminiscent over the fifty-five glorious years of existence and growth makes my heart fill with love, admiration and pride to be associated with it for a long span of time.

This moment is not only to thank God for the enormous amount  of good that has been accomplished in and through the school during these fifty-five years but also to recall with gratitude so many well-wishers who have been instrumental in its growth and progress.  In the present case, I wish to state that this institution insists on a whole-hearted commitment to its goals, to truly deserve its name and frame in the future years to come.

Message From Principal’s Desk

“Dont wait for the stars to align,reach up and rearrange them the way u want.Create your own constellation”.

Over the years as a teacher i have realised that education is a torch of academic brilliance and a back bone of inner resilence/a thick line between right and wrong. a ladder that takes us to the height we belong. Every child is unique and distinct. At S.C.D Barfivala High School we value each student as an indiviual and as part of community.  Learning at our school is based on fundamental principles of life. Teaching the children to be confident, disciplined and responsible.

The school activities are planned and prepared meticulously giving equal importance to academic, curricular and co-curricular activities, sports, music, dance, drawing, various clubs and activities. These activities are strategically implemented to ensure the all round development of students. Along with the touching the zenith of academics excellence. Our mission is to educate and nurture all students so they may grow towards responsible and global citizen.

We are indeed grateful to the management, teaching, non-teaching staff, parents

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